What is Spunlace ?


Spunlaced non-woven fabric is the high-pressure micro-water jet to a layer or multiple layers of fiber network, so that the fibers intertwined with each other, so that the fiber network can be strengthened and have a certain strength, the obtained fabric is spunlaced non-woven fabric. Its fiber raw materials from a wide range of sources, can be polyester, nylon, polypropylene, viscose fiber, chitin fiber, microfiber, tencel, silk, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, seaweed fiber.

The principle of reinforcing fiber net by spunling method is similar to that of needling process, but instead of needling, multiple strands of micro-water jet generated by high pressure are used - spunling machine jets fiber net. After the water jet passes through the fiber network, the rebound of the net curtain is entrusted to interpenetrate the fiber network again. Therefore, the fibers in the fiber network will displace, interpenetrate, tangle and hug under the hydraulic action of the interpenetration of high-speed water jet in different directions, so that the fiber network will be strengthened.

Spunlaced nonwovens are used for medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical shrouds, medical dressing materials, wound dressings, medical gauze, aviation rags, clothing lining cloth, coated cloth, disposable materials, advanced instrumentation rags, advanced electronic rags, towels, cotton pads, wet wipes, mask covering materials, etc

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