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Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co., Ltd è un produttore professionale ed esportatore di prodotti in tessuto non-tessuto, riguardante design, sviluppo e produzione di tessuto non-tessuto Siamo altamente professionali nella produzione di tessuto non-tessuto pp a filo continuo, buste in tessuto non-tessuto, tessuto non-tessuto sms smms. Tutti i nostri prodo...
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Spraying collodion principle of structure formation is to spray adhesive on both sides of the fluffy fiber layer, because you have a certain amount of...
A teabag is a tea bag wrapped in paper or cloth that can be stored for a long time and opened with water when used. the Usage of PLa Tea Bag The appea...
Reusable Bag -Drawstring Bag Drawstring non-woven bag is also known as rope non-woven bag, tight mouth non-woven bag, lock non-woven bag, is by using ...

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